WOW, it’s been super hot over the past few days in Leicester. Its the weather for getting out in the garden or going out for a lovely long walk in the shaded countryside. When out and about its so lovely to see all the trees and plants blooming. Not everyone has the knowledge of Bear Grylls or Ray Mears. So I thought I put together a list of names and pictures of plants to avoid while out on your long walks or even in the back garden.

We all know little ones love to use their mouth to discover new things by putting them in their mouth, I’ll never forget when we were younger and playing in the garden my sister sat and eat half a slug! Gross but true. So it’s really a good idea to make sure you supervise your children in the garden ( i know I’m saying the obvious) and even teach older kids not to eat anything from the garden or countryside unless it’s safe to do so.

I have compiled a list with images of some of the plants to avoid, I use this list as a preference while out on family photography session in the Leicester countryside. I even use when I like to collect pretty flower for newborn photography sessions too 🙂

It’s actually interesting to know what to avoid when spending time in the garden or countryside and if you going to the garden centre for new flowers it worth avoid these plants too if you are unsure you can ask an assistant for help.


Plants that may cause sickness.

Holly (red berries and leaves:

Bluebells (root bulbs)

Honeysuckle (comes in different colours, white yellow pinks)




Cotoneaster (berries)

Lily of the valley




Laburnum (seeds and pods)

Rhubarb ( leaves and if its raw)


Potato Plant ( all parts except the potato itself) Rhododendron

Poisonous Garden plants

Cherry Laurel

Deadly nightshade

Woody nightshade





Ivy With berries


What an interesting list of plants, I never knew about Bluebells or Rhubarb. Ok, So we know what to avoid but what should we do if a child accidentally consumes a poisonous plant that you are worried about.

Remove anything left in the children’s mouth.

Do not try to make them vomit up the plant consumed.

Seek medical advice ASAP call 111 for help.

Save a sample of the plant takes it with you to the doctor or hospital.

Ok, so I’m really hoping that was interesting for you and has given you some ideas of what to avoid and keep an eye out for in the garden. Fingers crossed for a fabulous summer and don’t forget to take lots of pictures, get them printed and save them!

Till next time 🙂

Take care

Ellie x