Friendly competition and super cute twins!

In this blog, I wanted to talk about how important it is to be supportive of other local business and working with a local competitor and not against them. I have been working as a specialists newborn photographer for over 5 years in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Being self-employed means that you are the person that does the admin, the accounts, the marketing, the social media maintenance and the photography sessions. It’s a very busy working day but it can also be lonely. Not having the support of work colleagues, or being able to have a natter over lunch about the workload.

However, I was lucky enough to meet another local photographer that also photographs newborns and families, I must say that her work is gorgeous. Bea from is also a photographer based in Leicester. We became friends by sharing a bag of chocolate while working on figuring out a new editing program.

Our friendship had grown over the years and we support each other in all aspects of business, a few months ago we got to photograph twins together! How amazing is that!

Special Gift

By John W. Lilly

Published: February 2006

Once upon a time mommy and I,

wished upon a distant star,

We didn’t know if we’d get our wish,

the chances seemed rather far.

We asked God for a little girl,

To cuddle and hold tight,

To love and squeeze and give

a gentle kiss goodnight.

Well, God was listening and the answer

came straight from the blue.

Not only did we get one little angel,

He saw fit to give us two…


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Newborn Photographer Leicester
Newborn Photographer Leicester

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