Baby Huxley

Firstly let me introduce you to my blog page here at Lux Baby and Newborn Photography.

I am a Leicestershire based baby and newborn photographer and specialise in newborn photography.

This part of my website is to show you a little into my world of photography and give you the idea of what happens in my sessions and shows you some of my recent work.

Over the last few months I’ve seen my fair share of babies but one of my favourite sessions had to be Huxley’s.

He had the most perfect little eyes, lips, mouth, well everything about him was perfect. Including him, he slept the whole way through and we managed to capture some gorgeous images.

We used dark and light backdrops during his session to achieve a range of images.

On our dark backdrop Huxley was wrapped in an olive green colour and a little bonnet with ears on. How much cuter can you get?!? We added pumpkins and a small fur rug to the sides of this image to incorporate a bit of colour and also to give the image an autumn feel which was what his mummy had asked for. Here’s the outcome of that setup.

On the light backdrop, we created more of a neutral type of image but still incorporated the pumpkins to also add that little extra something and still have a sense of that autumn feel. I like to capture images both close up and further away to ensure little details on both images can be fully appreciated as you can see here.

One way of capturing their tiny details is by allow little hands and feet to be seen. I captured this by wrapping around Huxley but allow his hands and feet to be free.

Usually, this is the part where I have a few words to share from the parents. This is so you get an insight from their view about the session, however, Huxley’s mummy had decided to do the session as a complete surprise for his daddy, so everything was completely hush hush. It isn’t until now I can share how adorable he really was.

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