Its all in the planning: what to wear on your awesome photography shoot.

What to wear on a shoot.

Even though I would like all my outdoor and studio sessions to be as natural as possible, there has to be an element of planning.

Locations are often chosen by clients, they are significant to families and hold memories of their own. I love holding sessions out in the countryside where we can get a selection of relaxed casual portraits but also some post images too.

The location is important but also equally important, Is the styling of a session. if you plan to invest in your portrait we need to make sure they last the test of time. my advice to all my lovely clients is to plan outfits for the whole family in advance of the session date.

Its's important that outfits are coordinated but not necessarily matching, the focus should be on the connection between you and your family. so no large logos or overly bright colours that can be distracting. to further this I would also recommend avoiding bold patterns and striking shapes.

All these things may draw attention away from you and your lovely family.

Below I have included some pictures of outfits that have been put together to show you how you could possibly put together an outfit for your photography session using colours that compliment each other.

Spring/Summer. These outfits have been put together that has a lovely soft spring like quality to them not only do they complement each other but they will also compliment the lovely spring time and summer time Green areas. also in the studio, these Colours would work really well with muted soft bone coloured backdrops that give a lovely light aerie feeling to them.