Lovely little Libbie came to visit me a few months back at the beginning of spring, she was around 3 weeks old and was very wake for a lot of her session.

I often get asked by parents what should they do if baby doesn't sleep while at their photography session, they say will it spoil the outcome of our portraits and the honest answer is NO.

Babies have been in your tummy for over nine months all snuggly and secure and warm. They just want to feel secure and I think that's one of the main points, is just to make sure that in the session a baby feels nice and content.This is why I keep my studio space really nice and warm. throughout the session, I will moving baby around a lot. You have to put into perspective That during the session baby will be moved around by me as I pose them in different positions and wrap them in different materials to get the shots we need for the session. At home you're likely to sit and hold your baby or feed them maybe they'll have a little bath and then be laid down in their Moses basket to sleep.

When newborns don't sleep in a session it's not an issue for me, I know I can get some amazing portraits still. It's important that everyone stays calm and relaxed. Libbie had some awake time, so in this instance, we wrapped her so she was feeling secure. I've had so much experience with little newborn's that sleep the whole session and then other newborns that are awake for two-thirds of the session so it's up to me to adapt the session to complement your baby's needs.

It's my job to keep your baby happy relaxed and safe. As long as baby isn't crying for a long time, then there are no concerns about going ahead with the session in getting some lovely awake shots.It really does depend on baby and what mood they are in. And I do think that even at two weeks old they certainly have a personality of their own and that's the best thing about a newborn. getting to know their individual personalities.