• Ellie

Diary of a new mum!

So last month I posted about our new mum that we would be following over the next year! Im so pleased to let you know she has given birth to the most beautiful little boy Jacob!

Read on to see how their first few weeks have gone :)

Beckie says:

Hi guys

I’ve had a very busy month! The great news is that baby Jacob is now here but this did not go as planned!

I went for a scan as movements had slowed down (remember always count the kicks) and unfortunately it showed that he hadn’t put any weight on since my last scan so I was booked in to be induced the next morning so there went my water birth plan!

So, Friday morning came and I checked in nice and early at the hospital by that evening nothing had happened so the midwife decided to break my waters and somehow 33 min later he was here! Born on the 23rd June 2017 at 20.09 weighing 5lb10. Everything went so well that by 11.30 I was in my own bed having a cup of tea.

Since then we have all been getting used to family life and having little sleep! Al Jacobs check-ups have been fine and he is now 6lb1. Lily can’t wait for the summer holidays to spend time with her little brother but unfortunately daddy has now gone back to work, have a great month everyone.

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