• Ellie

You DON'T need to pack the kitchen sink in your hospital bag!

I was browsing on Facebook a few days ago and a lovely lady that was going to be a first-time mum was asking some other fantastic parents (in a fabulous local Leicester mums group)about what she should pack in her hospital bag for when her super star of a baby came along.

I was thinking I couldn’t really remember what I packed when I think back! And I know for a fact it was really important to me to get it right, and of course it was really exciting too!

I think there are two types of hospital bag packers. You can be either an “ill chuck it in the bag on the way out the door on the way to hospital” or the fanatical packer that has their bags packed for mummy, birthing partner, and baby, like 6 weeks before the due date.

Toby my first and so far, my only child, he was welcomed into the world with a hospital bag packed with everything in it including the kitchen sink. I have control issues and I needed to be in control when packing that bag!

Looking back, I wish I had just packed the essential but as always, I over did it and didn’t use half of the stuff I had packed! There’s no need for it! Baby wipes were fab and I’ll explain why...the reality of his birth was not what I had in mind so I was really happy that I had packed baby wipes! I mean I thought i'd pop him out and he would sleep soundly in a hospital cote while I went for a relaxing shower and applied my make up and the stunning after glow of birth would give me a radiant look!

Hell no! While being stitched up I needed those baby wipes to wipe the sick from my mouth as my beautiful new born clung to my boob like a demon! Those baby wipes also came very handy when I needed a quick wipe wash, as I had no energy to have a shower! Don’t get me wrong I just wanted to go home with my new son! It was the craziest day of my life I must say! Of course there’s lots of other things you could consider packing.

So…I thought I would create a free printable list of essential things to pack