Lets talk props.

Let's cut to the chase!

I recently had an awesome session with Katie and David and their delightful little newborn, Miss Ava-lauren and she was born on the 10th feb 2017(LEICESTER).

All my sessions are special but I particular want to share my thoughts from this session because it got me thinking about props. I had a new prop I have wanted to try out. It goes without saying; I was really excited to have such a sweet girl to try the prop out with.

Ava- Lauren was radiating cuteness before I got the props out. It got me thinking I don’t think I've ever spoken about why I use props and what my style is when using them. I hope that you guys have figured that out a little for yourself, as I’m sure this is one of the things you look at this when choosing me.

I guess in the newborn photography world my collection of props is small in comparison to other photographers. I can assure you that I have a large selection but they are all quality products. I made a choice about two years ago to really de-tash my collection. I found that by doing this I made a conscious effort to home in on what was important in my images and that’s BABY.

God, and I can tell you what sometimes I see images and I don’t see the baby; they are hiding in a basket somewhere. I don’t think that a prop should ever distract you from what’s important. I hope to use props, such as headbands and wraps and little outfits to enhance the cuteness of the babies and bring it all together to give it a profession finish to the image.

I use only natural materials in my images so; you will see a lot of rustic woods and mesh style baskets. All my props have been quality checked so I know that they are safe for baby to be in, I’m only going to use a props that are comfortable.

I tend to shoot so that the colors I use in a session are soft and muted; I like a lot of pastels and soft earthy tones. I may chuck a bit of mustard into the mix time but you wont see any my little pony scary pinks from me either (don’t get me wrong there nothing wrong with a bright pink but its not for me).

And also while I’m thinking about it, I don’t get parents semi-naked in pictures and im all for natural. I’m not saying I would never photography a handsome daddy with this top off but it’s not for me hehe! I mean I don’t want to walk into my one of my girlfriends houses and see a massive portrait on the wall of daddy and mum that look naked holding baby. It’s all a bit awkward and I really think you can achieve stunning portraits of family with their clothes on. But don’t all comment telling me off as it's just what a prefer and I guess im a little traditional in that sense.

I like to wrap baby a lot as they love to be swaddled, they also love the feeling of being all nice and secure like they are still in mummy’s tummy. I also love to make lots of cute little outfits for the session. Baby clothes can be a bit awkward in photographs I think ,

As you can see from the pictures, I think props have their place and add the the images but lets face it the star of show is baby always!

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Newborn Photographer Leicester
Newborn Photographer Leicester

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