I wanted to share with you some portraits of pre-teen girls. It's such a special age around 11,12 and 13. I guess too for boys. I only just remember what it was like to be that age, I still think it's such an innocent time. The time before everything changes. You're still young enough to play games and even make believe games. I would play for hours dreaming of having my own horse and grooming it lovely hair.

Then at the same time I remember questioning why I had to go to bed when my sister were going to bed because it was clear to me but not everyone else that I was an adult.

I got to photography sky and margot recently and chose to do something different. I wanted to create an image that made them look natural to reflect their age and save that most precious moment of just being 10.

To day we live in a culture of selfies and an society showing young girls that they should be a certain way. I personally think we should be pushing our young girls to be positive and to make positive choices. If that's regarding what they wear or what they do in life let it be a positive. Also we should in encourage them to know that that fear is ok. To feel the feelings of growing up and process it in a positive way. Because the feeling of not knowing is super scary, but having the tools to deal with things and know it's all normal and it will be ok!