My baby will always be my babe.

I wanted to share some images from little baby Joseph's portrait collection.

Joseph had the best smile and was so relaxed at his photography session. He came to me when he was nearly three months old. His mom couldn't get his photography session booked any earlier.

It got me thinking that over a months I have had a few clients book sessions with me and said they have been turned away by other photographers because the baby is too old for newborn pictures. I just don't get it if I'm honest!

However, I'm in no way bashing other photographers because everyone does business in different ways. But I promise I will never turn you away. Even if I'm fully booked I'll find time for you!

I do understand that it's best to photograph newborns in the first few weeks to have a better chance of getting those nice poses. But... I think as a parent who cares right? All you want is a pictures of your wonderful newborn baby and frankly they will always be newborn in your eyes.

That's why I always let the baby lead the session too! These little beautiful human beings rock up with a personality all of their own so I will never expect your baby to sleep a whole session at any age.

So book your baby in for a newborn photography session or any session because capturing them in that tiny moment is what counts not what pose they are in :)