A siblings motto.

So on the blog I wanted to talk about and share some lovely siblings shots. I took a few weeks back and they were taken out doors.

They were taken out doors in my favourite secret location in Leicestershire wonderful countryside. I photographed Eden and her big brother Bailey. Both lovely kids, they were so lovely and polite and a dream to work with. Eden was a little shy at first but her big brother Bailey helped me to settle her in and gave her the confidence to try everything that I was asking her. It's such a sweet thing to see when siblings help each other. It's a connection you can see in the pictures I take, the giggles and the little tickles that get everyone laughing.

You can see some of the images taken.

Siblings motto:

Admit nothing,deny everything, make counter accusations.

I love these words they make me laugh so much. As a child that grow up with a lot of siblings I know this very well.

What I love about an outdoor photography session it really brings the kids together. They shine and work together to get the best. Most of the time any way :)

Even little ones like Sid 2 years and Vinnie 6 months. They were so cute to photograph. I had so much fun chasing Sidney about as at his age he just wanted to be on the move! So cute. His brother not yet walking watched intently while Sidney ran around him. Stopping to give him a kiss on cheek the odd time. I think I can safely safe both mummies were super happy with their collection of portraits.

Newborn Photographer Leicester
Newborn Photographer Leicester
Newborn Photographer Leicester

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