Five Top Tips for Childrens Photography-Leicester Childrens Photography

Photographing kids, especially at an age of willfulness should be a disaster. But, fortunately, it isn’t, not for me. In fact, my success with kids has far surpassed anything I’ve done with adults. So, I decided to share my experience in what makes me successful and why bringing your kids to me is a cinch. I believe the best pictures are those that are taken when the subject is exuding authenticity. You see, adults and parents, in an effort to help the situation will make things slightly, ok a lot more difficult.

There are photographers out there that will do the same. Are they bad at what they do? No. Are they just simply missing a big point? Yes. Here’s the point. The essence of what a child is can be your best friend as a photographer. There is a 100% chance of capturing pure magic when you have a photographer that follows these simple rules of thumb.

Don’t ask them to smile:

Asking a child to smile is like asking for the most superficial, forced smile ever. This is not me. This is not any of my clients’ kids. When you connect with the child at a simple level instead of trying to control what they do, you’ll come up roses and with the most delightful natural faces. You’ll see my tips are centered on that.

Relax and they will relax right into the plan:

Encouraging imitation of what I’m doing gets the kid to play the game. This means you encourage them to be as relaxed as you are. Make them believe they are running the show to a certain extent and have fun. This took practice but, because I love kids, it was an easy job.

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