• Ellie


As a professional photographer for both studio photography and outdoors and event photography, the subject of makeup always comes to the fore. So, since we don’t do hair and makeup as a studio, simply because it’s costly and time-consuming, I would; however, like to give you some hints on makeup for the camera which is quite a bit different than street makeup. The camera adds a bit of weight on to the body, that means the face too. And to be honest, whether you’re a guy or a girl, you can use makeup as a tool to slim down the parts that may make your face appear heavier or that will make a facial feature less or more prominent.

Let’s talk shine

One of the things people complain about is shiny skin. It’s a nuisance I know, but there is a simple way to remedy it. If you want to stay natural as possible but, you want to eliminate the shine on the nose and T zone which is from forehead to chin and cheek bone to cheek bone you can do this: Purchase a nude foundation for oily skin, even if your skin is typically dry and a nude powder. The foundation can be a powder as well that is pressed. Anything apart from a cream. It may also be a mousse, which is a light whipped cream foundation.

Let’s talk accents

To accent a part of the face that you like, you can do this: For lips, to make them fuller, use 2 shades of lipstick and some clear gloss. You don’t have to be kissable, so if it’s thick, don’t worry, it’s for the camera. Put the darker shade along the areas you want to look slimmer and the lighter shade you want to look fuller. It’s like a little black dress for your lips. Then, place the clear gloss liberally along the lower lip and the parts you want to look fuller.

For those parts you want to downgrade such as the nose, which is the most common complaint, you would put use a blush that is in the light tan tone. Brush a line in 3 places, one down the centre of the nose line to the tip and the other two along the side ¼ inch on each side away from the mid line. This creates an illusion of the nose being slimmer.

Other little tips and tricks

¼ to ¾ half profile shots are better than the full on face shot for those who want to downgrade a nose or even eyes or cheekbones. You can also apply Vaseline on the teeth in a small amount to make sure your lipstick is not on your teeth. When you apply it for the camera it could stain the teeth. It will also make the teeth shiny and give the appearance of bonded teeth to the camera. The camera will make small spaces undetectable.