I started to explore Newborn photography and the idea of taking newborn pictures when my son Toby was 3 years old, so I never got to take his own pictures in this style. Which will always play on my mind a little as I only have professional images of him from around 3 months old?

I always promised myself if I had another child I would be booked for a session by my 20-week scan but as the days,months and years roll on I can't see another baby coming along any time soon so ill will just have to enjoy other little bundles of joy.

I did have the privilege of photographing my little nephew Harrison who's not that little anymore either. It was a special day as two of my many sisters, (6 in total) came up or down, (I'm not sure ha!)from Bedfordshire for the day and we chatted and caught up and cooed over baby Harrison. It was a truly lovely day.

So it became a waiting game for the next baby to arrive! However this year, my partner's sister was due and I was waiting for 9 months eagerly to photograph her. I kind suspected she would be a little bit of a diva as is her mum and if she reads this I'm sure she would agree. So the day came to photograph little baby Ivy Leigh and I was informed that Ivy-Leigh wouldn't sleep. I hear this a lot from parents that come in for their photography session and for me it's not important in the process of getting images that will capture a moment in time forever. Although saying that, sleep is needed for more complex poses in the session, but I couldn't imagine not getting a picture of a baby with their beautifully little eyes open.

As predicted Ivy-Leigh was a little princess but was sprinkled with a little bit of diva too, we managed to capture those early moments of her life and all her small little feature. What a gift to give to your family. Now, as the days slowly go on, I watch her grow and look and think how cute she is, and of course, I can't help and get excited about the next time I will get to photograph her :)