5 Very important things to expect from your Newborn photographer (member of BANPAS)

The idea of a photography association is appealing, as the signup process is easy and requires little effort.

However, this doesn’t mean that filling out their application forms and joining up are the best options for you, the customer. The truth is, not all photography associations are created equal.

From my first-hand experience, I’ve come to the conclusion that many of these associations are often not a great fit for me as a photographer either, and as such, I needed to find one that was.

The Baby and Newborn Photography Association (BANPAS), filled that need for me and I haven’t looked back since. This association has the same code of conduct that I adhere to, an important aspect of my work that brings more significance and value to every newborn photo session. Since discovering BANPAS, I’ve been able to not only work with, but recommended this amazing resource to parents, and newborn and kid photographers alike, with favourable results.

As a BANPAS member based in Leicester, here’s what you can look forward to while working with me:

  • Complete respect for you and your baby. Any photographer that lacks respect for either is not one you want to work with. Your wishes and needs are important and as your photographer, I pay attention to both.

  • A duty of care. Safety is always important and when it comes to babies this is even more vital. As your photographer, I make sure that your sweetheart is kept safe at all times. Don’t worry about portrait photography where I might need to help with the posing either, I can easily remove your supporting hands with a touch of editing magic.

  • Very clear about pricing. If a photographer is vague when it comes to prices, run in the other direction. I will give you a price list in advance on request, and I’m always upfront about what costs are involved with your session.

  • Keeping it clean. Don’t stress about the mess your baby may make in the studio. I expect to be on clean-up duty after newborn photo sessions. In addition, everything I use for the shoot is freshly laundered, and pets and smoking are not allowed in the studio.

  • Awareness. I want the best results for your little one’s big shoot, and that means learning more about them. Knowing things like if your newborn has any skin sensitivity, allergies, or