So, the day of the training was a little crazy for me, I had to be at the location for 3pm in the afternoon and I couldn't believe I had so much time to get there, I thought I'd sneak in a few jobs before hand, probably wasn't the best of ideas as the traffic was terrible, figure ha!

It was raining when I got to the location and honestly did not know what to expect. I had been given a list of the models were taking portraits of, so I knew we wouldn't be doing any family portraits. However, I did know the kids that were modelling were so cute I wasn't going to the rain get to me.

I'm always wanting to improve my skills when it comes to my photography business, I love taking newborn photos a lot but I have been enjoying older children's photography a lot too.

I got to learn about natural light and how to use it, I use studio light in the studio, so it felt really free to get out,just with my camera and jumbo lens ha!

we learnt how to position our subjects so that the light was extremely flattering. Also, the best light to shoot in is just before the sun is setting. This is called the "golden hour", now that professional photography right there haha.

I really want to create some super styled sessions, please watch this space and message me if you want to hang out and create some beautiful pictures of lovely little tribe :)