Ok, so on the blog, I wanted to share my new found love for outdoor children’s portraiture, I took my camera outside again which I've not done since I was at university. When I was at Uni most of my work was based around storytelling and creating tableau’s ( a posh word I know). I based a lot of my work around fairy tales and other stories such as the lord of the flies. However, when I started my business, I chose to work indoors and concentrate on studio work and new-borns. Don’t get me wrong I still love my new-born photography work and lovely studio light. However, going outside over the past few weeks has been amazing.

India out with blue

It's best to shoot in the early evening when the sun is low in the sky, and the light is beautifully golden. I have been looking for locations close me and are unrecognisable. It creates a blank canvas, taking the viewer to a new place. I think it helps put all the attention on the child. Pulling them to the foreground where they belong. So far, I have wanted to create images with a styling that is true to my heart but highlights the children’s personality too. I want to take this newfound love for outdoor children’s portraiture to the next level. So I’m pleased to share with you the new training I’m going on, YAY!!! So firstly I will be attending a workshop with the most amazing photography Lisa McCormick. Her work is so beautiful and so inspiring because she was the ability to bring nature and the elements from the seasons into her work and this compliments the children she photographs. I will be getting an insight on how she creates her images at this training and I cannot wait. I will be shooting images too and can't wait to share the pictures I take.

Then a week later I will be going to train with the lovely Nina Mace in Manchester, her work is also stunning. She uses colour in her work to create gorgeous family portraits and they are so relaxed and natural. I can't wait to pick her brains on how she creates these stunning portraits.

hope to bring back with me some newfound knowledge and an action plan on what I would like to produce for you as clients. This will be a fantastic new outdoor session, that, I will be able to offer in the lighter months. To kick start this new part of my business, I will be providing a half price for the session fee and also 50% off any collection ordered after your session. So message me to book you spot ASAP. Book now