In this blog post I wanted to talk about what you may want to think about when looking for a newborn photographer in Leicester. Now, I don’t want to come across as I’m preaching and obviously whatever I write is going to seem slightly basis isn’t it? But who cares! Let's get it out there and see if we can inform each other on what’s important when looking for a newborn photographer or baby photos in general.

I think it doesn’t really matter on your budget, say you want to spend a considerable amounts on high-end luxury images or you’re a whack it all on a disc kind of chap (chapette), I don’t think it matters at the end of the day.

I’m sure there’s a level of expectation we all have when booking our little bundles of joy in for a new born photography shoot for there first set of cute baby photos.

I guess I’m going to have to base my own advice on what the information my past clients have told me when booking their baby photo sessions and of course what I as a parent think I would be looking for in a children’s photographer.

For me this a must, MAKE sure you are familiar with the photographers work. You may have seen some of their work on their facebook page, but have you looked at the website? Do you like the style? Is the work consistent? Are you happy with the quality you are seeing? Don’t make it about the money, ok so Joe down the road is offering 100 images on a disc! Stop!!! Spend your money wisely and pay out for one beautiful shot that captures your little one and print it huge and display it in the lounge and watch the face of your loved ones beam when they see it!! It’s priceless.

Read the terms and conditions set out by your photographer- its really important that you know what you're agreeing too. Photographers put these terms in place to protect both parties involved. It will also save any awkward conversations later on. It’s a way to see what your getting for your money too.

This may not be a priority on everyone’s list but it worth a thought, has your photographer had any training in new born photography safety or children’s photography. Have had some training or even be certified. I have a Ba hons degree in photography but have also trained with highly experienced newborn photographers from around the UK such as Natalie Leech who is a fantastic photographer!

They may even belong to an association that follows a strict code of conduct such as the BANPAS (You can find me on there). I personally think photographer as to start somewhere but it’s a nice reassurance to know your photographer is experienced. I personally have a CRB check in place to reassure my clients even more.

I guess following along from the last point, safety is a big deal to me. Don’t book a cowboy lol! Most professionals have a health and safety plan in place and will take precautions to make sure you and your family’s safety is paramount. Things like first aid kits, fire protection and even specialised equipment in sessions. Furthermore, do they have the right insurances that cover them and you??? I hope so!