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Booking a family photoshoot can feel daunting, not knowing where to start, whom to book with, how it will go. So many things to think of, will the kids even corporate, what should we all wear? Do you find yourself putting off booking because deep down your a little critical of your appearance and the thought of posing in front of the camera makes you nervous?  So in the end, the whole thing puts you off?

Iv have been there too; I felt this way myself when organising my family photography session. But through my own experiences, I have created a session that will leave you completely relaxed and in control of the whole process. I'll be here to make the entire journey easy and enjoyable. 

I have endless amounts of patience, and I promise that even when it all seems a little hectic, ill be working my magic to capture all the beauty and wonder of your kids. They won't get bored because we will be having to much fun. 

We will chat and chat some more, about the perfect location and what to wear; I will send you my prep guide with lots of help full tips and tricks. 
It's my job to help you look your best, so during the session, I will give you direction on what to do so you don't feel lost. I will capture the perfect balance of "look at the camera and smile" shots and nature playful moments. 

Trust me, it's time to book your family photography session, don't waste any more time sweating over small stuff before you know they will all be grown up. 



"Loved having Ellie do our shoot, she was so friendly and chatty and absolutely fab with the older kids as well as our baby. The photos we received were stunning and fabulous quality!! Highly highly recommended."

helen martin

 Family Photographer Leicester | family Photography Leicester

I know that committing to buying a photography session and package may seem daunting; I can't imagine paying upfront for a big purchase without seeing it first. 


For this reason, I do not charge you for anything upfront; there are no hidden costs. You only buy the images you love! No hard sell.

I only ask that you pay a £99 deposit to secure your session date. Then the £99 is deducted from any package and wall art you may like to purchase after seeing your final collection of images.


If for any reason you are truly unhappy with my service I am happy to refund you your deposit.



    • One-hour photography session at a location of your own choice. 

    • Use of props, blankets, and headwear

    • 5 high resolution, fully edited portraits ready for you to download.


    • One-hour photography session at a location of your choice

    • Use of props, blankets, and headwear

    • This session can include sibling and parent shots.

    • 10 high-resolution images as a digital download.


    • One-hour photography session at a location of your choice

    • Use of props, setups, and headwear.

    • This session can include sibling and parent shot.

    • All high-resolution images on USB and digital download with black and white copies.

    • 10 images in printed format 7x5 mounted in a presentation box.

    • £50 towards your next session.

    • A mobile app of all images.

    • Digital slideshow of images.

    • Facebook timeline.

Note: Your images will go through a quality controlled selection process. A final gallery of 25 images (subject to T+Cs) will be individually edited using industry-standard software and selection of editing techniques to further enhance your photos to create stunning portraits of your beautiful baby.


Frequently asked questions

When should we book our session?

I recommend booking your photography session whenever you're ready to go ahead; we can discuss all the details and arrange an appropriate time. Sessions do fill up quickly towards the summer months, so don't leave it last minute. Around 2-3 months in advance will give users enough time to arrange a cool location and sort out some super cute outfits.

Where will the session take place?

We can discuss a location for your session, I have a couple of favourite spots, but I am open to travelling to a place that is special to you.
A place with lots of foliage or flowers make interesting backdrops, but I am also happy to go urban too.

What time will you arrive?

We will discuss together what time is best to hold your session, it is best to work around your litlle ones naps and feeds so they are feeling their best; I like to book outdoor sessions, so they start about an hour before sunset. The light is beautiful at this time as it all golden and pretty. However, the sunset does change throughout the year, so start time depends on the date of your session.
I like to keep the session fun and fast-paced, so children don't get bored and lose interest, I will try to keep the photography time to around 1 hour, but please arrive 15 minutes early.

What if the weather is bad?

Please don't panic if the sun isn't shining, families often worry when its cloudy or overcast that the weather is bad for photos.
Over cast is actually perfect for flattering light on faces, the last thing we want is harsh, dramatic shadows all over the place.
We will, however, keep our eyes on the forecast if there's a high chance of rain. In this instance, we will try and reschedule for another time.

What if my baby is really unsettled?

Please don’t feel nervous about how your photography session may go or how your baby will be on the day. If for any reason your little one is too upset or unsettled for their session, we will discuss rescheduling for another day. The last thing for me to want to do is to capture your baby, not at their best.

What should we wear?

When choosing what to wear, make sure that the outfit is coordinated and doesn't clash, will it look nice long the decor you have in your home?
I would try and avoid clothing that has large prints, checkered patterns or obvious logos.
I would recommend working out your outfits a least a couple of weeks before photography session, this will help you to feel prepared. I suggest laying them out on a bed and taking a step back. If your happy, make sure they are clean and wrinkle-free. Feel free to send me a picture of what you think you might wear, I'm happy to help work out the styling with you, I will also send you a style guide and some link to Pinterest boards.

 Family Photographer Leicester | family Photography Leicester
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