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This time for my blog I thought I’d let you all read first hand from a parent’s point of view. At Lux Baby and Newborn Photography, I thrive on client feedback to ensure I know the good and the bad which allows me to tailor sessions more to my client’s needs.

This time in the studio we welcomed Baby Isla along with her Mum, Kate, and Dad Tom. Their newborn session was held on the 10th of October 2017.

She was a little beauty and although a few times during her session she didn’t want to have her photo taken the little tricks I know worked and we managed to capture some gorgeous images.

We used mainly white backdrops during her session to achieve a lighter, girly set up.

LUX 1105 300x220 - Baby Ilsa

In one set up we managed to create three different images by doing different things. This included using some personal items one being Isla name in wooden letters. We then took these away a captured a shot without them and then one beingcloser up.

As you can see with this it helps to create a different image without disturbing Isla.

LUX 1132 300x220 - Baby IlsaLUX 1119 300x220 - Baby Ilsa






One way of capturing their tiny details is by allow little hands and feet to be seen. I captured this by wrapping around Isla in a purple wrap but allow her hand and feet to be free. Adding another hint of colour by allowing her to hold a flower.

Not all newborns sleep the whole time for me during their session so I like to make the most of this. I think sometimes capturing their eyes also helps show how much little ones change and why it is important to capture every moment.

After the session was finished I asked Kate a few questions that I think is important to share with you so you get an idea first hand from a parent rather than the photographer.

How was your experience having your newborn photographed?

We were a little nervous as being first-time parents, we didn’t know what to expect and we just hoped she’d behave e herself so Ellie could get the shots we wanted. The experience overall was fab, Isla had a couple of fussy moments but Ellie used a trick or two and settled her straight away; top handling skills!! Thank you for being so amazing with our little bundle.

what would be your advice to someone having their newborn photographed? Ask your photographer how to prepare both baby and yourselves for the shoot; Ellie had already sent us a very useful ‘prep-guide’ which answered most of our questions. Defintely, read other people’s reviews of the experiences they have had if friends/family have recommended them then so much the better.

What was your favorite part about our session together?

Everything, particularly excited to see the family shots as we have lots of Isla with each other but only one or two of all three of us together.

With this last question, we asked Kate it really goes to show why having family photos are so important. Have a think of how many photos you get as a family together? where you the one behind the camera? Next time you have the opportunity to make sure you capture those moments all together.

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